What is a Virtual Race? A race that can be run (or walked, hiked, biked, swam) anywhere! Choose the distance. Complete your preferred activity, at your own pace, wherever you want and time it yourself. We hope you’ll invite your friends and children to do it, too! Once you have completed the race, submit your results (& photos if you snap any) via email or text. We will compile virtual race results and photos to share with participants.

Why is this so important now? Basic information technology is essential for rural resilience and sustainable development in Haiti. It can help elevate education for rural children. It can help farmers in Haiti connect with farmers globally to share diverse knowledge and ideas for innovation in agriculture and development. It can facilitate communication vital for rural preparedness and responsiveness in times of conflict, health crisis, and natural disasters.

Your support will provide computer and satellite equipment necessary to connect Deslandes virtually. The IT system will be installed at the Agroecology Resources and Cyber Center (“ARCC”), a hub of community activity, located on the campus of the Ècole Communautaire Gamalièl de Deslandes (“EGD”) in Deslandes. The ARCC will include 10 computer stations, a printer, and soil analysis equipment.

More than 600 children and teachers from EGD and other local schools will learn basic computer skills and be able connect to online sources of information for improving teaching and learning. Farmers and other community members will have internet access for literacy education; self-learning in agriculture, health and nutrition; and creating new links to markets for “Made in Deslandes” products.