Together for Better

Working with rural based organizations in Haiti to strengthen local cultural, social, and environmental assets for building sustainable community.

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Revitalizing Sustainable Community

We help make it possible for rural people to work together to prioritize, plan, and carry out their own solutions to poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and social and economic injustice. Current community-led projects are focus on:

Elevating Access
and Quality of Education

Growing Healthy Ecosystems
and Food Sovereignty

Building Equitable Community
and Local Livelihoods

Our Unique

We work collaboratively with community organizations and groups—creating and learning together. Our work relies on inclusive, community-led, participatory processes for prioritizing needs and developing solutions that build on local knowledge, resources, and innovation.

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Finalist 2016 Colsubsidio Biennial Social Inclusion Award

Finalist 2016 Colsubsidio Biennial Social Inclusion Award

The Partners That Facilitate Progress

The mission of promoting and supporting sustainable community development in rural Haiti requires concerted action from multiple organizations. Here are some of our key partners that make it possible:

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