Our Focus

Building Equitable Community


We believe that everyone should share the rights and responsibilities for creating a better future. In order for this to happen, people need access to health care, housing, land, clean water, and other resources necessary to meet their basic needs. They also need access to education and resources that enable them to reach their full potential while preparing them to contribute to the greater good.


Green Building Jobs

Partners in Progress is promoting local job creation in the community of Deslandes through opportunities in CEB construction. The construction of the Ecole Communautaire Gamalièl de Deslandes (EGD) school facility provided jobs for forty-four people from Deslandes. TheBuilding Home Initiative will create jobs for a minimum of 16 men and women. In addition, Partners in Progress is actively seeking CEB projects to bid on in Haiti, which would provide additional jobs.


Building Home Initiative Pilot Project

UPDATE:  Three homes of the Building Home Initiative Pilot Phase have been completed and construction on a fourth home will begin in April.  The project experienced some delays in finishing the third home due to difficulty finding building materials because of the scarcity of materials caused by Hurricane Matthew reconstruction.

Planning for Phase II of the Building Home Initiative is underway.  An additional four homes will be constructed during Phase II.  We’ll continue working to improve the building design by increasing living space and reducing cost.  PIP and Ѐcole Communautaire Gamalièl de Deslandes will work with community members to develop a local-based cooperative financing model that can be self-sustaining.

PIP is collaborating with Échale Tu Casa (a Mexico based organization) to evaluate  and improve the design of the homes.  Échale Tu Casa works to improve access to decent, green and sustainable housing in marginalized communities.  They have constructed  some 30,000 homes out of stabilized compressed earth block and rehabilitated another 150,000 homes across Mexico!   We are exploring opportunities to partner with Échale Tu Casa and other organizations in development of the financing model.

Fatima House Orphanage

Fatima House Orphanage is a project of the Association of the Peasants of Fondwa/Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa (APF), which is managed by the Sisters of St. Antoine. Fatima House provides permanent housing and basic care for 65 children. Partners in Progress provides operational support in the form of small grants to Fatima House.

Jacsonville Village Housing for Elders

Partners in Progress assisted community members from the village of Jacsonville, located in the northeast region of the Central Plateau, in developing a plan for the first phase of a plan to provide permanent housing and care for elders, or older adults, in their community. Partners in Progress and community leaders led design sessions that involved 47 elders and community members. Site plans are being finalized.


Maison des Enfantes Handicapes (MEH)

Partners In Progress provided support for operations and assisted with development of a website for Maison Des Enfantes Handicapes (MEH).  MEH is a Haitian run NGO that provides permanent housing, care, and a loving environment for 22 children with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The organization is located in Port au Prince. In addition to providing basic needs, MEH provides education programming five days a week. Physical therapy is provided twice a week.

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