Our Impact

Growing Food Sovereignty and Healthy Ecosystems

farmers sharing knowledge and practicing regenerative agroeology across 14 villages in Haiti and Uganda


farm household members
  • 68 farmers advancing agroecology innovation on four cooperative trial farms in Haiti
  • 173,500 trees planted
  • 86 current Farmer-to-Farmer participants regenerating local ecosystems and increasing food production across in Haiti and Uganda
  • 2 Farm-to-School Child Nutrition farmers providing up to 30% of food for school lunches
  • Cover crop seed conservation and value chain initiative
  • 77% of farmers increased yield and/or crop diversity
  • 63% of farmers report increased farm household income
  • 128% increases in food production 

Building Equity and Local Livelihoods

men and women provided training and jobs in stabilized earth block construction (SCEB)
  • 89 women provided vocational training
  • Agroecology Resource and Cyber Center constructed using SCEB

Elevating Education

rural children provided quality primary and secondary education annually
  • 3 schools constructed in three communities [2 using healthy, environmentally friendly stabilized compressed earth block (SCEB) construction technology]

Community-Led Crisis Response

families provided food relief (17 tons); hygiene, health and shelter supplies; and cash
  • 6,300 from 12 villages benefitted from Covid-19 education, prevention supplies, and food relief


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