Our Focus

Growing Food Sovereignty


Food and agriculture are the fuel of progress in any culture. PIP and its Haitian partners are growing food sovereignty in rural Haiti by enabling farmers to find their voice and build the skills and confidence needed for self-organizing and cooperative agricultural innovation. In addition, we’re facilitating farmer-to-farmer education in order to increase farm income and other forms of livelihood-generation.


Konbit Vanyan Kapab Agroecology Project (farmer experimental farms)

Ecole Communautaire Gamalièl de Deslandes (EGD) and Partners in Progress are now in the fifth year of collaboration around the Konbit Vanyan Kapab Agroecology Project. After much learning and experimentation, farmers are focused, in this upcoming phase, on improving upon their original implementation of the agroecology techniques they have found most promising for increasing crop yields. Cover cropping and the use of a ramp vivan, or contour hedgerow, will be among the techniques explored with some modification to the original application, and the farmers will also test the use of aerobic compost teas. These techniques help build soil organic matter, improve soil microbiology, reduce erosion, and increase moisture retention.


Konbit Vanyan Kapab Agroecology Project (farmer trainings, videos)

Farmers of the Konbit Vanyan Kapab (KVK) Project have set themselves a goal for 2016: they plan to train 100 additional farmers to use the most successful agroecology techniques with which they have been experimenting. Twelve current KVK farmers are learning to be “agroecology trainers” by working with Partners in Progress partner agricultural educators and are honing their skills for teaching other farmers.  The planned agroecology demonstrations will begin Spring 2016, and the use of agroecology techniques to revive tired soil and increase crop yields will spread throughout the Deslandes region in time for the next planting season.


Konbit Vanyan Kapab Agroecology Project

This year, the Konbit Vanyan Kapab Agroecology Project will provide training and support farmers who wish to develop and test-market two value-added food products. One of these products, a peanut butter fortified with moringa, will be nutritionally-formulated to support the physical and cognitive development of children ages one to five. Farmers will develop a product brand, formulate a business plan, and test their production process.  Products will be sold in local markets and in at least one urban grocery store.

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